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 on: Yesterday at 03:16:39 PM 
Started by Ronno - Last post by hsv-001
I have a question for you Ken  . Obviously not as Holden accessories were made by Nasco but what sparked my interest was that I used a set of round mirrors on my Caleche and I had one left over so I gave it to a mate to put on his LC  XU1 as he never had a mirror ,but the screw hole and the locating hole were in his drivers door . What I found most interesting was that my 2 mirrors had the Nasco logo on them but the third one had the Holden part number and the Nasco Logo . 

 on: Yesterday at 12:39:56 PM 
Started by gav. - Last post by ardiesse

A couple of thoughts:

If the seals around the "paddle" are falling to bits, find another wiper motor.  Usually they go stiff, but don't fall apart.  Soaking the "paddle" in automatic transmission fluid for a week or so can help make them a little more pliable.  When reassembling the wiper motor, go nuts with grease on the seals and inside the housings.

If the shaft is loose in the bushings to the point where you can wobble the shaft sideways, the motor will leak air, and won't work well.  Find another wiper motor.

Another area that gives trouble is the overcentre-spring-link-rotary-valve assembly.  The rotary valve is nylon, and warps.  Its sealing surface needs to be made flat (wet'n'dry and a sheet of glass); but the surface it bears onto has to be flat also.  A small amount of grease here helps in sealing, but does not guarantee a perfect seal.

Failing everything else, Chevs of the 40s in Washington (state, not DC) offers a rebuild service for Chevrolet vacuum wiper motors.  The FE-FC wiper motor is bound to use the same internals as Chevrolet wiper motors.  You'd have to find out whether their rebuilder is prepared to take on a Holden wiper motor.


 on: Yesterday at 12:12:39 PM 
Started by gav. - Last post by gav.
Hi Folks,

I have a Trico vacuum wiper motor in an FE that needs a kit to restore it. Specifically the seals around the blade have deteriorated and are falling apart. Ideally a kit including gasket, blade seals, and the small round seal attached to the blade is what I am after.

There are no Trico model numbers on the motor (there are patent numbers), there are Holden part numbers for the motor in various manuals, but no way to relate this to any Trico kits.

I found this post by Ron Wilson (who says he rebuilds them) in 2013 on oldholden.com:

I have tried the email address (ron.wilson223@gmail.com), but received no response, does anyone know if he is still active ?



 on: October 15, 2019, 07:53:30 AM 
Started by jwk87 - Last post by jwk87
Of course I can take it to a post office. I have to check my mail at the post office anyway. Flick me a pm and we will discuss there.

 on: October 15, 2019, 04:14:23 AM 
Started by jwk87 - Last post by ipg
postage will be $15 anywhere in australia.
ill take it if you can get it to the post office.

 on: October 14, 2019, 10:11:35 PM 
Started by Ronno - Last post by Salamanca
I think the answer to this question is that you really have to be interesting in this for a long time. There's no single resource to teach you this stuff.

 on: October 14, 2019, 07:53:32 PM 
Started by jwk87 - Last post by jwk87
I am having a clean out of all my old car parts that I no longer need. These have just been sitting in a box.

For Sale is a Preslite wiper motor for FE - EK.

This was originally bought from Ken Mclean a number of years ago and has been sitting in the box ever since.

The postage mark on the box is dated 30 03 2010.

I thought the fair thing is to offer it on this site first before I offer it for sale anywhere else.

The pictures indicate the condition of the parts.

I am after $180 for it.

Will only post if buyer arranges postage.

Pickup in Melbourne (Essendon area)

 on: October 14, 2019, 10:23:26 AM 
Started by JOX515 - Last post by hsv-001
Ok ,I have been out of touch for awhile , but I am just wondering what you guys use for a power steer rack , after the V6 conversion . I am very familiar with the shortened commodore racks . Do you shorten the commodore power steer racks ? Or do you use something else . Is there a power steer front mounted rack suitable ?  I just have OCD when it comes to early Holden modifications that's all . I would appreciate any new ideas . Thanks . Haydn .

 on: October 12, 2019, 05:11:42 PM 
Started by Alexei - Last post by Alexei
Selling an original Camper Seat to suit an FE or FC. The upholstry has been removed, the foam is good. The seat is in good condition with no broken springs. The tilt mechanism works well. Ready for reupholstering. These are getting hard to find now.  $600 Ono. Pickup from the Central Coast of NSW or Rhodes in Sydney Ph 0466730633

 on: October 12, 2019, 11:22:16 AM 
Started by JOX515 - Last post by DJ
Good on you Graeme. It's good to see you back in an FC.

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