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 on: Today at 10:08:51 PM 
Started by minifcvan - Last post by Roybeth
Wagga was huge again this year, nowhere near enough time to get around to everything (though we didn't get there when the ice was still hanging around for the brave early birds). Got a few odds and ends, including a few hubcaps, some a bit past it but I did score a reasonable FE stainless steel one.

 on: Today at 08:44:34 PM 
Started by Gropedawg57 - Last post by RET
As always, Rob, I never fail to be impressed with the detail and thought that goes into your Tech topic posts.

And I think I can say with confidence that I can't recall another post in the 20 years this forum has been going where the solution to almost every issue seems to be to set fire to it. Grin

 on: Today at 07:33:49 PM 
Started by Harv - Last post by Roybeth
Yeah I rang the guy on FB also! He couldn't believe how many had already phoned!.

Will keep looking for those Lenlok 20s!


 on: Today at 05:04:10 PM 
Started by camxsmith - Last post by DJ
..... a Guide, using simple, plain English and lots of photos.

Harv, I have a copy of your guide that you sent a while back thanks & will use it when I install seat belts.
When I read through it I wondered why there isn't an even simpler approach by now for the floor mounts in our early Holdens.
Is it feasible to add print out pages as templates in your doc? When placed on the floor & aligned with points on the pan they could simplify marking the position of the holes.
I'm assuming there are 'sweet spots' that comply with NCOP/ADR4/ADR5 guides & engineers  (e.g.  avoiding potential debate over sharing points).

Am I too far out of the box?

 on: Today at 04:35:02 PM 
Started by Harv - Last post by Harv
No drama Roybeth - if I come across a "one off" Lenlok 20, I'll let you know (Clay can have any "two off" spares I find  Grin). Now all I need to do is find 5 handles - two for me, two for Clay, and one for you  Grin

There were three advertised on FaceBook recently. Spoke to the bloke today, they sold within minutes of the FaceBook posting.

I'll keep looking... have some leads over on the FB/EK forum.


 on: Today at 02:00:31 PM 
Started by camxsmith - Last post by GMHwagoon

        mine was passed by a ballarat engineer so must be alright
        the centre lap belt shares the same anchor points with the retractable drivers and passengers belts
        also with the rear lap belt is the same
        l have retractable belts at the front and  also about to put them in the rear ,only difference , mine is a wagon
        l can measure for you the height of the  front pillar mounts if you want  l drove the car for several years as is
         and the belts seemed comfortable enough

          anytime your going passed bacchus marsh  drop in have a look

              greg  (fcwagoon)

 on: Today at 01:51:12 PM 
Started by Harv - Last post by Roybeth

I only need one more of the Lenlok 20 (fine line) if anyone ends up with a spare please let me know

If I can get another Lenlok 20, I will then have two spare course line ones (the one that is in my photo at the top of this thread, the mate isn't in the photo).

 on: Today at 06:45:15 AM 
Started by Harv - Last post by Errol62

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

 on: Today at 06:20:10 AM 
Started by Harv - Last post by Harv
Thanks Spybo - PM spent.

No drama Clay - If I run across any, I'll let you know.


 on: Today at 06:17:23 AM 
Started by camxsmith - Last post by Harv
G'day Cam,

The requirements for where the seatbelts go depend on how fussy the certifying body are. Some people install belts, and never get them certified. Other people get them certified by the state motor registry (eg a RMS-certified inspection station in NSW). Others get their belts certified by an engineer as part of bigger modifications. Each of these bodies has there own views on what is OK, and what is not. It pays to check with your certifying body first. As an example, the NSW RMS station I used for my FB belts was happy with what I did. My engineer however looked at them and said that he would not have certified them.

There is a heap of guidance in the National Code of Practice (NCOP), which also calls up ADR4 and ADR5. To understand these documents, you damn near need to be a rocket scientist. To make things easier, I have documented a seat belt install (in an EK wagon), which is fully compliant with NCOP. It's written up into a Guide, using simple, plain English and lots of photos. The Guide is still a draft (I want to take some more photos of the final installation on my wagon), but is 95% done. If you would like an advance copy, please PM me an email address and I will send it.


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