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1  Technical Board / Modification Help / Re: Column shifted trimatic FC's on: July 21, 2012, 06:38:53 AM
Didn't streetneat sell that car?
Yes I sold the car in 2008 to a chap in WA before I moved to NZ. Some pictures in the Mrs Streetneat album via my website  http://www.streetneat.com  show parts of the conversion. I cant recall if I ever did take specific pictures. In short I used mostly factory parts - HT/HG with some modified and hand made  parts to improve the overall design.

There are many ways to achieve this set up - most of  'em work. Its down to taste and the look you are trying to achieve. The very short answer is grab some factory column shift bits and see what works for you - thats how most of us have done it.

Cheers streetneat Andrew.
2  Galleries / Project Cars - FEs and FCs Under Construction / Re: FCCOOL KUSTOM WAGON REBUILD for Mt Gambier? on: September 21, 2009, 06:05:56 PM
Man what an epic read!
I have been totally oblivious of this car and its  battler story. I'm speechless. I have only two  words to sum it up
 "Love It"
Way better read than most books I've ever read!

Cheers streetneat Andrew.
3  For Sale and Wanted / Cars Wanted / Re: Wanted -dead FE FC Holdens in NZ on: September 11, 2009, 05:12:10 PM
Gday Ed - hows things?
 Yep all good here - Life here in NZ is just what I wanted it to be - peaceful.... Cheesy

Some stray FE and FC sedans getting around - have yet to catch up with the owners. They sorta haven't figured  my car is an FC yet. I dont get out in it much - its still at the bro in laws. I'm working on my old barns ATM getting them  to a usable stage so I can bring  my cars home. Lotsa work!

For now I've turned into  streetneat the carpenter. The bro in law is a builder so I got lots of useful tips from him. He helped us initially with the house renos - that novelty soon wore off for him, so  the wife and I get into the work ourselves when he's not around... Roll Eyes I've been thrown in the deep  end - but  its not brain surgery... We  like challenges. At least we have a good tutor!

 Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
4  For Sale and Wanted / Cars Wanted / Re: Wanted -dead FE FC Holdens in NZ on: September 11, 2009, 06:30:44 AM
Thanks  Smiley

Ehh - sorta been occupied here on our run down farm in NZ. I dont get to play cars just yet - got a house and sheds to sort out first. Making it all the more interesting - someone decided to have a world recession... Moneys a bit thin just now! ( plus I'm now on the last notch on my belt - recession is a good way to lose weight!)

Love it here-  but would like to find some dead Holdens to decorate the place with...missing them already...
I have got the EK Van to finish - so that ones till coming in the pipeline..

Cheers streetneat -Andrew
5  For Sale and Wanted / Cars Wanted / Wanted -dead FE FC Holdens in NZ on: September 10, 2009, 05:59:32 PM
Well here is a tall order - but you dont get if you dont ask - Kiwis only please.

I am seeking for my next project any dead FE/FC/FB/EK bodies or parts if possible - FX/FJ will be considered as well. It can be just a shell. No panels other than front doors required. but if you have spare dead panels then I am happy to take what I can get.

FE /FC is the preferred option. Rusted out floors or sills not a problem.

Please dont ask what I'm building... But be warned it will be cut up. Quite badly too I must add. I am but an amateur...

In short I dont care how dead or rusty it is - the more worthless the better. Which brings me to my final point -
it has to be free!

I have now moved to NZ and have zero spare cash for anything other than bill paying. I do however have some panel beating skills I can exchange - I'm slow but also quite rough. The lack of cash flow doesn't need to stop the creativity flow.

Some of my previous attempts at butchery can be seen here:
Thanks in advance - streetneat-Andrew.

6  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: Streetneat FC sedan for sale on: January 13, 2008, 04:35:57 PM
Just a quick up date for those who have been wondering, we have a very interested party coming for an inspection of the vehicle in mid February 2008. It is for his wife ! Smiley
The person/s have made an offer( which we will accept) and are MORE than happy with the car however for many  reasons we ain't selling without them personally  inspecting and been shown the car to truly appreciate what has been done.
Andrew and Kim....

7  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 11, 2007, 08:11:35 PM
Yes I would agree-  When I built my Coupe I had old magazines lying around featuring The Shark and while I reckoned it looked mean - I didn't like all  its lines.
I'm not gunna Rabbit on about my car - thats been done to death  by others. But I would love to see  anymore Radical Custom FE/FC/FB/EK Holdens...

Yes Glenn - you did read a bit fast  Grin

Cheers Streetneat- Andrew
8  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 11, 2007, 08:09:20 AM
Err the question Glen was  what was the most chopped up FC- and mine technically is still an FC?

I did use  an FE for most of the donor metal but the base car  is FC. If you  look at  the build up on my website - the car  uses mostly FE/FC metal - just moved around. With a small sprinkling of VW - heavily modified and what ever other old Holden parts I could find in my shed  was  thrown into the mix .
( I will avoid 'pot stirring' references)  Grin

Cheers streetneat-Andrew
9  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 11, 2007, 07:58:20 AM
Err I was adding new info Glen about how  since   I have found the car is  actually driven - but point taken - I love stirring you guys   up - ya caught me out and you take the bait  so well...
Roll Eyes

At least Alex took it as good natured as was intended and it was Alex I was directing at...
I do agree with you though and some of your observations  Alex - you are coming at it from a different angle- ironically the same angle as myself... I studied all of the American Kustom car crafters before I built my cars  and even if I'm not heavily into the Kustom Kulture thing myself  - I love seeing what  weird  and wonderful things these guys are gunna come up with next
Its all good- I just have to figure out my how to hone my communication skills further  so you guys  don't keep taking everything I post as pot stirring  ( well not ALL the time!) I don't take myself seriously in these discussions- nor do I take  the comebacks  seriously - its all just debate and discussion.

No one has yet answered my original question who owns and where is the the radically chopped FE now?

Now  tongue in cheek again -
"So what is the most radically chopped FC ever?" ... err mine as far as I know - but am keen to find one more chopped up- as long as it can still be driven and is  registrable...

Im sure someone here will correct me though...

Cheers and chill out - Streetneat Andrew

10  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 10, 2007, 07:53:45 PM
I wasn't gunna bother replying anymore to this post Alex- but  others have said just what I was thinking- You have contradicted yourself a bit and your growing conservative in yer old age and ya  just dont get it!  Grin

Its cool- its way out and its  popular- just look at the feedback here and the  Kustom Kulture in general - end of story.
But  debate and discussion  no matter what anyones  individual opinion is  what keeps it all interesting.

Now here is a newsflash for ya- that radical rod is apparently driven! I cannot  upload images here of what I found on the net ( I dont wanna  become an  'FC Club Member'  just to post more here!) but the guy  does drive the car as I have seen. Getting  in is a laugh- he sits on the ground and sorta shuffles in. -Once in  he is laying  down -and despite what you first think- is not as bad as you  imagine. Think of the cramped conditions and poor visibility in a Tank - thats what its like in this  thing. Once settled in the vision  is better than you expect. Think about it for a moment -   Just how much vision is required when you are laying down? So its still filling the role of transportation .

So its not quite as impractical as you  think - it has been proven to be used- albeit limited and Im with the majority - its  just great to see something  outrageously different and taken to the extreme- after all  our hobby is about fun with cars - is that  guy having  fun? You betcha! And so are most of us watching....

You wanna argue more about perceived impracticality? Have a look at  some of the cars  built  decades ago  for salt lake racing ! You have to wonder how on earth some of those cars were driven let alone flat out! Radical chops and  big air intakes didnt seem to  stop these guys!

Do what I did and Google in  radical rat rods and try U tube with the same - pretty damn great stuff in anyones book - anyone with a pulse that is!

BTW there are only two sorts of  people in the world - W@nkers and Liars Cool

Cheers Andrew- streetneat
11  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 07, 2007, 10:52:15 PM

The rat rods arent period Hot rods as such - They may have started out like that  but its now a  style in it's own right- ( love it or loathe it!) sort of a retro rejection theme if you like. Punk rock version of  auto building I call it.  Not something I would  do myself - but I can dig those that do.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
12  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 07, 2007, 07:58:23 PM
A  bit harsh Alex- you post pics here of a radically chopped  FE and you are  upset that someone does the same to a Model A?

I guess I should review my Tattoo status...

I dont quite know how  its drive-able-( the rat rod)  but  to me its just another form of customising art.  More in your knees than in your face - but  pretty damn cool in my  books.

The whole idea of creating  radical customs is to  go against the grain of normality - which is why they are radical. I created My FC custom partially  with that in mind and if it  upset the establishment of  conservative tastes than  that was  just a bonus.  Most of the fun is in  the creating and letting it see where it takes you. A bit like writing a novel - although in this case its  probably a Stephen King Novel!

Wishing death  upon the creator is a bit extreme- but then again - a radical creation gets a radical response. I suspect the creator had angering  folk in mind  as well as seeing  just how low you can go.

Just remember its all art and expressionism. I think its  pretty cool myself.
Thanks for the pics Ben.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
13  Galleries / Other Images / Re: Most radically chopped FE EVER. on: July 05, 2007, 07:18:30 PM
Thanks for the  updated pics Alex. Any idea on the where abouts and who owns this car now?
Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
14  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: FC Ute - ex Streetneat Shop Ute on: November 07, 2006, 08:04:36 PM
Thanks for that Tim and Ed.
Its a parental thing - you like to know where your creations end up. If you have any questions Tim and if there is anything I can  assist with  please don't hesitate to  contact me.
Now  if you want to keep the collection complete - we  are now selling the FC sedan  that was its mate- These two cars were built as tribute cars to the Neighbors as you are now  well aware no doubt.
Cheers Streetneat -Andrew.
15  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: FC Ute - ex Streetneat Shop Ute on: November 03, 2006, 09:56:37 AM
I hope it will wipe off easily - sorry couldnt resist Ed  Grin
Please keep me informed of its  where abouts if thats Ok with  yourself and the new owner.
Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
16  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Streetneat FC sedan for sale on: November 03, 2006, 06:24:08 AM
 Finally we are offering Mrs streetneats FC sedan for sale  definitely this time.... (after a few false starts and knock backs  as the car was still being used.) Mrs streetneat has a replacement car ( not a Holden Huh) to drive to work.

The full build of this car can be seen  via  the streetneat website-  www.streetneat.com
The car features a mild 186 s, trimatic  HR underbits,  Stainless larger capacity Fuel tank and incredible detail with no expense spared.  This car is as new  as an FC Holden can be! Many  NOS parts went into the build and many parts that are not replaced on other 'restorations'  were replaced on this   full Monty resto.
We built this car for ourselves and not for  re  selling.
This car  is still quite fresh and has travelled a little over 5000 miles
 The car has QLD club rego and Mod plate with engineers report.
Purchase by inspection only.
Price is $30 000 and not very negotiable!
Serious Enquiries only please- (07) 3206 0340  or 0412 032 239
17  Galleries / Members' FEs and FCs / Re: Unexpected FE Wagon encounters on: September 25, 2006, 09:01:26 AM
Its actually Neil Burston.  Neil is a good friend of mine and a very  likeable bloke - especially with all those Holdens!
He is a Holden wrecker at the end of Randalls RD Fernvale.
I have a full pictorial account of his yard on my website under roaming for wrecks album.
( http://www.streetneat.com )
I go out there every few months and  take some more pics of his relics - mostly of what might be new.
Cheers streetneat -Andrew.
18  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: Mrs streetneats FC 4 sale - moving OS. on: June 02, 2006, 08:05:16 AM
Dare I say I still have piles? Shocked..no - I don't dare say that -  rectal humor is wrong... Lips sealed
Actually I  still have plenty of parts - it  just depends on what your specifically chasin'... I have sold a lot of stuff- but no where near enough.

I do have  some great doors - suit sedan - both EK and FC- bumper bits  and all other bright bits-  motor bits,  grey bits - red bits - (no thats not just a  skin complaint...)a rear cut that would make a nice couch or make for a nice repair section-
Ah crap... like I said b4 - sheds  full of it.... its all gotta go ( I'm starting to feel like rugs a million here!)

Oh ....And a nice  finished  FC sedan...

Cheers streetneat- Andrew...
19  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: Mrs streetneats FC 4 sale - moving OS. on: June 02, 2006, 03:38:42 AM
I'm relieved Crag you didn't say I had 'Piles'  Wink

You only saw a small portion of it -  there are many more sheds  you didnt see...  no need for  the camp oven and  running shoes- its lucky dip in the dead chook rotisserie  at the end of my shed- sort of best described as chicken Kiev -  stiff on the outside and  runny in the middle- and covered in a delightful coating of hard wood sawdust...  and the fragrance is ....well - Lips sealed

What ? what did I say? Tongue

Heheheh Cheers  streetneat- Andrew...
20  For Sale and Wanted / Cars For Sale / Re: Mrs streetneats FC 4 sale - moving OS. on: June 01, 2006, 07:38:57 PM
Yeah the list of parts is as follows:- Heaps in that shed over there- some more in the other shed and  some under a tree, also some more in the workshop - and a few in  the old dog kennel and the cow shed...  Oh yeah - some  bits in the goat shed...' Grin

....No I'm not making this up...

I think I covered everything Roll Eyes

On Kims car:Be tempted - but  be quick- it may just  be sold soon.... or then again  it may still be sitting here because I'm lousy at answering the phone
Cheers streetneat-Andrew...
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