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Title: Bosch Headlights n' stuff
Post by: 20.4_seconds on June 16, 2005, 09:21:45 AM
Hey Guys,
Now that I'm done with school for a bit I'm about to get stuck into the wagon, I've pretty much got everything I need  to start  - Didn't need too many things just time! ;)

I'm looking for 2 semi sealed Bosch headlights, the type with the parking light and a sort of spring clip at the rear or the equivalent to fit the wagon.

One original break fluid reservoir

One FE locking petrol cap

I'm also looking for the plastic base panel/surround for the front bench seat.
Can these be re painted somehow to match my colours(Persian Turquise) or do I keep searching for an exact match?

If anyone has any of the above for sale can you pm me and we can sort something out, plueeeeeesssss  ;D ;D

Nick  8)