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Title: Expressions of interest - Norman supercharger intercooler
Post by: Harv on May 31, 2021, 08:58:53 AM
Sitting in a box (and on my "to do" list) is a Type 75 Norman. These are the clutched blowers that Eldred is renowned for. My Type 75 has the clutch plate and hydraulic controls, but is missing the air-to-air intercooler.

I managed to borrow an original intercooler (with thanks Rob P), and have taken some measurements of it. I'm thinking about getting a reproduction made, and made some enquiries. Looks like it would cost around $1500 to get the moulds made up, and around $600 per casting (ballpark numbers).

It's too dear for me to do on my own, but would like to see if anyone else is interested. The more participants, the less the cost. Please note that these intercoolers were NOT used on the normal grey motor Normans (Type 65, Type 70) and would look out of place on a FX-EJ. They are used with the later Type 45/75/90 (Series 2) Normans. I'm guessing the market is small (and that this project will not fly) but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you are interested, please post here.