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Title: FE-FC bits and pieces
Post by: Naith05 on October 12, 2019, 09:29:08 AM
Hi, have a few left over odds and ends from a wreck I salvaged, was only good enough for a parts car.

FC Speaker Grille
Wagon interior pillar trims
Pedal Box
Fan Blades
2x wagon tailgate strikers
Engine mount lower brackets
Horn and bracket (untested/rusty)
Front sway bar
RHR wagon glass
Front Bench Seat (springs in good condition, needs re-trim)
Wagon rear quarter cuts
Special Sedan back window rubber trim
FC wagon stainless steel side mouldings (RHR door lower section missing, front guard spears repairable)

Message or request photos, o4I9 6Io 5o8
Located in Mudgee NSW but should be able to assist delivery central west NSW and Sydney.

Cheers Nathan